Wow - looks like you really like Presetpond :)

Wow - looks like you really like Presetpond :)

Orange Dingy

Great for giving your image more edge and contrast, tones down the reds and ads an old finish with a hint of sepia tones and a

Black and White

It is dramatic black and white preset.

Dead Color Grain

This is a Black and White conversion with some exposure, contrast and curves tweaks. Also a vignette, slight color chroming and

Honeyed Vintage

This preset for Apple’s Aperture has a warm, sun-bathed look for your portraits, landscapes, and still-lifes. It has a so

For Autumn Mist

For photos taken in Autumn mist. Helps flat photos shine even when the light was dull and diffused.

Partial Colors – Red, Blue, G

This is a set of presets for making black and white pictures with single colors remaining. Including: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow,


A creamy, faded look that works great for portraits, and gives greenery a nice yellowed look. This preset works best with photo

Wild West

Perfect for photos of the desert or barren landscapes. Saturates colors, adds definition, sharpens details, brings out highligh


A simple preset that boost the colors with a bit o vignette. Ideal to take you out to the ball game.

By for Aperture

Another preset wich tries to simulate an instagram preset, in this case Nashville preset.

Fake Tungsten

My 1st tungsten preset. Cool look for your shots with just a little bit of purple and blue.

Vestige Chromatic Plate

Attempts to mimic the appearance of chromatic plate photography from 19th century science journals. Works best with flowers, le

Vibrant & Defined

I am a fan of landscape photography, but more than once my friends want me to shoot at parties. I created this preset while edi

By for Aperture
Matrix FX by Denmaus (Updated)

This is an update to the Matrix FX preset originally created by denmaus. I noticed his preset had an imperfection in the vignet

Strawberry Sunset

Adds some pink/orange to the image, and brings out some of the shadows. Nice for beach scenes.

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