Wow - looks like you really like Presetpond :)

Wow - looks like you really like Presetpond :)


This preset gives your fotos infrared-like look.

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Milky Blue

This preset gives an overall milky look to the image with blue overtones in the highlights. The look gives a kind over dreamy t

Light Bleach

this preset has some soft color reduction and some % more on definition. I often use this on portraits. it pops up the darks a

Product B&W

A preset designed to optimize pictures of items on a neutral white/grey color background. Keep in mind that this preset convert

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Vintage Old Midtone

Look like a Coffee!!

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Muted colours and an understated modern look. Works well with portraiture…

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Matrix FX

This preset gives your picture Matrix Reloaded like effect.

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This preset shows the green from its best.

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Autumn in Jungle

This preset turns green landscape into autumn tones.

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This preset tries to simulates the Earlybird preset of instagram.


This preset simulates a preset of Pixlromatic.


This preset tries to simulate the Brannan preset of instagram.

Old Polaroid

This preset simulates my father’s old polaroid films. Well, it’s not a perfect simulation but it’s really nea

Caramel 2

A slightly creamer, stronger version of my previous Caramel retro-esque preset with strong yellows and blues.

Tonal Cooling

Best used on daylight balanced outdoor images.

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