Wow - looks like you really like Presetpond :)

Wow - looks like you really like Presetpond :)


A preset you can use for your photos to get a “cold night”-feeling or add a spooky touch. Doesn’t work great

Espresso Vintage

This is a simple two layer action, designed to give your image a moody vintage feel.

Vintage Sunset

This simple action will give you a cinimon type color tone to your image, slightly vintage, with a creamy feel. Just makes you

Graveyard Shift

Takes an ordinary shot and makes it look like it was taken at night with a purple blue caste. It was designed for a client who

By for Lightroom
Contrast Pop!

Using a two layer sharpening technique, you can adjust both local and global contrast to fit the final look. At first glance, t

Levels for Lovers

this is a primarily levels-based preset that will twist the blacks a bit violently if there are a lot of shadows on the picture


try it for pics with lot of “green” in there. this setting will give strong and powerfull green with a bit black

By for Lightroom
Black & White Processing

This preset add a high contrast too your pictures with a little grain.

BW Slight Glow

Just to put a little glow on a somewhat contrasty BW.

By for Lightroom

A single action to give photos an older worn look. A double strong vignette and a overall brown/tan look with somewhat strong r

High Key B/W

High key black and white – made with adjustment layers.

High Contrast B/W

Fully adjustable, made with adjustment layers. Do a levels adjustment before playing the action

Post Processing

Post processing with curves adjustment layers. I added a little vignette also, if you dont like it, turn off the top layer :

By for Photoshop Actions
Western Sepia

Sepia Preset I created for a few pictures of a old train. It has an old looking Western style and it is useful to other photos


I designed this preset to give the photos a gritty aged look with subtle sepia tones. It has a fair amount of contrast and a lo

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