Wow - looks like you really like Presetpond :)

Wow - looks like you really like Presetpond :)

NYC Vignette

Warm tone, coarse granulation, slight vignetting

Vintage Stone

Black ‘n White Preset I made for pictures of a Vienna Trip. Find more pictures on my flickr stream:

Archived Grain

A Lightroom preset with an overexposed lomo feel to it. Began with a cross process attempt then a bit of exposure work and a to

By for Lightroom
The “Dave Hill” Look

A preset that emulates the Dave Hill look using only Lightroom. There is a Photoshop plugin that does this, but now you can do

Faded Blue

A faded, blue look for dreamy, bright scenes

By for Aperture

Idea derived from a “300″ preset created by Jerad Hill, only this one changed quite a bit to try to add a bit of da

Hard Structures

‘Hard Structures’ is a preset to emphasized surface structures in your picture. It changes the highlights, shadows

Half Baked

A collection of tones I use rather frequently, that work great as stand alone presets or in combination with your old favorites

RAW Boost

Just a slight contrast and saturation boost. Nothing drastic adjustment wise, but the difference it makes to the flat out of ca

Nuclear Winter

High key and high contrast. Great for snowscapes.

Fufu Berry

Fun and somewhat vintage like presets that color tone your images. There are 2 versions of each of the different color treatmen

Island Life

The idea behind this set is to mimic the different times during the day. It is influenced mostly by the look and feel of the da

Valley Light

A bit of a vintage style look with yellows and greens playing a bigger role then anything else.

Blown Glass

A overall yellow toned preset to give images a older yellowed look. There are multiple degrees of contrast in the pack.

Over the Hill

These presets were an attempt to create that “David Hill” look that a lot of people like. While its pretty much imp

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