Wow - looks like you really like Presetpond :)

Wow - looks like you really like Presetpond :)

Sin City Look

A preset to bring out that red color in your shots.

Vintage Wedding

A preset to give your shots that vintage look. Increased contrast, vibrance and brightness.

Rockwell Warm

Give your image that edgy urban surreal look that is so popular these days.

By for Lightroom
Bleached Nostalgia

Bleach by-pass look with heavy vignette, and crushed blacks. Skin tones and warm colours are generally preserved. Can get a lit

By for Aperture
Copper Tone Skin

Don’t have cobber tone skin? Just fake it with this awesome Lightroom preset.

Make It B&W

Lets just all admit that B&W images have a certain something about them. Get a hard contrasty B&W image with this pre

More of the Good Stuff

As the title says more of the good stuff. A little contrast, saturation and vibrancy and you are well on your way.

Desaturate Me

There are some pretty dramatic effects going on here, so use with caution. It can however create some great effects on the righ


This preset was made to give your photos a simple vintage fade.

Vintage Warm

This preset was made to give your photos a warm vintage tone.

Vintage Cool

This preset was created to give your photos a vintage tone that is a little cool and faded.

Bad Ass Film Look

Want to be a star? Pop this on a cool portrait and get the instant film look – attitude not included.

Silky Smooth

Looking for a smooth preset for baby shots? Give the silky smooth preset a try. It will reduce shadows in the skin and make you

More Vintage

This preset does magic on underexposed images – once again it will treat your image with the faded yellow look.

Vintage Fashion

This preset gives you that yellowish, washed out look that is all the hype these days. It is great for shots taken against the

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