Wow - looks like you really like Presetpond :)

Wow - looks like you really like Presetpond :)

High-Key, Antiqued

This preset for Aperture has that airy, high-key feel, with an anti-vignette around the edges for an early 20th Century vibe. H


Sunny yellow-tinted look for your photographs.

Vintage Aston Martin

Gives the image a golden vintage feel while preserving the blacks.

Soft Colours

2 soft lightroom 4 presets, images are not my own they are from

Log Lady

Named so after the character in Twin Peeks, because this preset was created to give a b&w shot of some logs a bit more life

Orange Dingy

Great for giving your image more edge and contrast, tones down the reds and ads an old finish with a hint of sepia tones and a

Black and White

It is dramatic black and white preset.

A.Rusky – Kowloon Warm Faded

Low contrast sot faded film look with warm tones. Inspired by the Kowloon area in Hong Kong Works in Lightroom 4. Good for stre

Dead Color Grain

This is a Black and White conversion with some exposure, contrast and curves tweaks. Also a vignette, slight color chroming and

Honeyed Vintage

This preset for Apple’s Aperture has a warm, sun-bathed look for your portraits, landscapes, and still-lifes. It has a so

Lisa’s Blueberry Pie Preset

This preset was created to give the picture a cute and soft “blueberry pie”-look. It tones the picture into orange

By for Lightroom
A.Rusky – Korean Tumblr

A.Rusky – Korean Tumblr (Soft Washed Out Warm Tones) A Lightroom 4 Preset based on the Korean Fashion blogs on Tumblr. Wa

Big Chill Preset for Dark Winter (L

I created this preset to sort of heighten the idea of winter and push it into being more surreal with high contrast and brightn

Winter Beauty

presets that give the feeling of winter…

For Autumn Mist

For photos taken in Autumn mist. Helps flat photos shine even when the light was dull and diffused.

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