Wow - looks like you really like Presetpond :)

Wow - looks like you really like Presetpond :)

River Wedding

This preset makes photo slightly warm and soft. With it’s little vintage look it’s ideal for outdoor wedding photos


created to soften and make better use of the details of each photo taken inside

Vibrant & Defined

I am a fan of landscape photography, but more than once my friends want me to shoot at parties. I created this preset while edi

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Matrix FX by Denmaus (Updated)

This is an update to the Matrix FX preset originally created by denmaus. I noticed his preset had an imperfection in the vignet

Strawberry Sunset

Adds some pink/orange to the image, and brings out some of the shadows. Nice for beach scenes.


This preset gives your fotos infrared-like look.

By for Aperture
Summer Afternoons

Altered colors and split-toned for a vintage summer look. Ideal for portraits in natural afternoon light, with some fill lights

Reddish Ol’tone

giving the picture the old vintage style tone. almost film like

By for Lightroom
Expired Film Presets Pack

This is my first series of presets for the new Lightroom 4. (Created with the public beta 4 version) It’s a vintage film

Milky Blue

This preset gives an overall milky look to the image with blue overtones in the highlights. The look gives a kind over dreamy t

Light Bleach

this preset has some soft color reduction and some % more on definition. I often use this on portraits. it pops up the darks a

Mediterranean Scenes

A preset as basic development for mediterranean scenes near beach and ocean in sunlight. [like holidays]

By for Lightroom
Product B&W

A preset designed to optimize pictures of items on a neutral white/grey color background. Keep in mind that this preset convert

By for Aperture
Vintage Old Midtone

Look like a Coffee!!

By for Aperture

Muted colours and an understated modern look. Works well with portraiture…

By for Aperture
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