Wow - looks like you really like Presetpond :)

Wow - looks like you really like Presetpond :)

Matrix FX

This preset gives your picture Matrix Reloaded like effect.

By for Aperture

This preset shows the green from its best.

By for Aperture
Autumn in Jungle

This preset turns green landscape into autumn tones.

By for Aperture

This preset tries to simulates the Earlybird preset of instagram.


This preset simulates a preset of Pixlromatic.


This preset tries to simulate the Brannan preset of instagram.

Old Polaroid

This preset simulates my father’s old polaroid films. Well, it’s not a perfect simulation but it’s really nea

Purple Haze

Simple light and dark purple split tone w/ slight vignette. Play around with the saturation and vibrance as well as balance sli

Caramel 2

A slightly creamer, stronger version of my previous Caramel retro-esque preset with strong yellows and blues.

Tonal Cooling

Best used on daylight balanced outdoor images.

By for Aperture
Magnesium Yellow

A duo split tone black and white with slight creamy/yellow highlights and slight blue in the shadows.


This is a vintage-esque effect that adds some contrast whilst lightening thew photo and giving a yellow/reddish vintage tone wi


A preset created to give your photos a kinky green high contrast look, a bit with vintage feeling. Works best with outdoor pict

By for Aperture

A preset for Aperture to make high-key lighting photograph

By for Aperture
Muted Tones

Mutes tones, to give a dark, dramatic tone to images. Works very well with nature-shots and skies.

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