Wow - looks like you really like Presetpond :)

Wow - looks like you really like Presetpond :)

Salmon Washed Out

I created this preset for portraits (candid shots) It has a soft, vintage feel with milky shadows and washed out colors, with a


This preset has a vintage color feel. It is primarily a light reddish color. It looks great on ANY photo. I hope you enjoy usin


With Caprai preset you can enhance color vibrancy, desaturate, contrast (levels), saturate cyan tones, vignette and recover som

Lauren’s Bouquet

I’ve seen a lot of bouquets, but the color of Lauren’s calla lilies were absolutely spectacular. I couldn’t g

Soft Tones Dreamy

Very soft, low contrast. There are 3 “Curves” bricks. The 1st one is to crush the blacks, The 2nd one is to pull th

Vivid Colors

This preset pushes the luminance level to the left and brightens the whole image, adds a small vignette to the corners. The col

Wannabe Nashville

This is a attempt to recreate the Nashville effect from the iPhone app “Instagram”. Not quite accurate, but still a


A preset created to give your photos a soft and smooth vintage look. I’ve also added a white border to simulate old print

Bright Tonal

This preset is great for portraits or outdoor pictures. It adds a lot of saturation and a nice vignette. It has strong contrast

Infra Red From Visible Light

This preset is for converting a visible light RAW file to an image that looks like it was taken with an Infra Red camera. After

Simple Vignette

This is an easy way to direct your viewer’s eye. By adding a controllable vignette, you can help soften distracting backg

Goldy Browny Effect

This is preset for Lightroom 3 With this preset you will get old goldy effect a little bit green too Love this effect and I hop


A close duplicate to one of the Filters used in Instagram made for Aperture.

By for Aperture
Modern Kelly

Modern Kelly is a preset I made as I was editing Kelly and Kevin’s wedding at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA). I

Almost Black and White

This preset was created to print pictures in a chemical process. It has a little bit of warmth added via split toning, so that

By for Lightroom
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