Wow - looks like you really like Presetpond :)

Wow - looks like you really like Presetpond :)

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Lightroom Preset - Mad Dash

This is a derivative of a ’300′ preset that I downloaded a long time ago. It provides a contrast-rich, desaturated look to your images. Inch up the Saturation slider a tiny bit to bring back some of the original color. You can also drop down the ‘Blacks’ slider to restore some detail in the shadow areas.


On December 8, 2011 Paul Young said:


On April 26, 2012 Chrysalis said:

Nice. Thanks for sharing

On September 17, 2012 jp450r said:

how do i download a action to my lightroom 4 presets?

On December 9, 2012 Abhinanth said:

cool !!

On March 24, 2013 Dudeldream said:

wonderful preset!

On April 22, 2013 Herman Setiawan said:


On July 20, 2013 Vortilion said:

Doesn’t work here, my picture just get’S kind of brown… :-( (LR5)

On November 30, 2016 pat said:


On June 2, 2017 Saurabh said:

THanks buddy

On September 2, 2017 facebook 24 hour customer service number said:

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On November 1, 2017 deborah said:


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