Wow - looks like you really like Presetpond :)

Wow - looks like you really like Presetpond :)

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Lightroom Preset - Yeah – High Contrast

high contrast with a lot of reds. high key.


On August 26, 2012 Julie Daniels said:

I’m really enjoying this preset. I have become very selective when it comes to LR presets, as the vast majority of the ones I’ve seen actually look worse than the ‘before’ image. This one is the exception. It doesn’t work on every photo, it works best on slightly under exposed images. When you apply it to the right image it really pops, and gives your image a real creative edge.

On October 4, 2012 newbie said:

awsome preset… thanx to autor..

On January 18, 2013 friday3 said:

Thank you

On February 19, 2013 sweetlife3006 said:

thanks you

On February 20, 2013 hellyeah said:

You`re welcome!

On February 27, 2013 Ana Paula said:


On March 22, 2013 messala said:

nice! let’s see how it works =)

On June 3, 2013 Xavstar said:


On June 19, 2014 xumtriluoi35 said:

thank you

On August 13, 2014 John said:

Why do you have to sign up to download? Ur only making it a hazzle to download the presets. I would sign up normally but not to download something free. People will just sign-up and clear the membership.

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