Wow - looks like you really like Presetpond :)

Wow - looks like you really like Presetpond :)

Blue Amaro

I was playing around with getting the instagram filter “amaro” and i came up with this.

Monochrome Log Lady

This is my popular preset “Log Lady” in a Mono version with a slight sepia tone added. This preset works well with

Sharp Black and White

Make sharp beautiful dramatic black and white photo.

Light Warm Fade

It gives your photo a warm sunny fade or glow,

High-Key, Antiqued

This preset for Aperture has that airy, high-key feel, with an anti-vignette around the edges for an early 20th Century vibe. H

Honeyed Vintage

This preset for Apple’s Aperture has a warm, sun-bathed look for your portraits, landscapes, and still-lifes. It has a so


A simple preset that boost the colors with a bit o vignette. Ideal to take you out to the ball game.

By for Aperture
Vibrant & Defined

I am a fan of landscape photography, but more than once my friends want me to shoot at parties. I created this preset while edi

By for Aperture
Matrix FX by Denmaus (Updated)

This is an update to the Matrix FX preset originally created by denmaus. I noticed his preset had an imperfection in the vignet

Strawberry Sunset

Adds some pink/orange to the image, and brings out some of the shadows. Nice for beach scenes.

Matrix FX

This preset gives your picture Matrix Reloaded like effect.

By for Aperture

This preset shows the green from its best.

By for Aperture
Autumn in Jungle

This preset turns green landscape into autumn tones.

By for Aperture

A preset created to give your photos a kinky green high contrast look, a bit with vintage feeling. Works best with outdoor pict

By for Aperture

This preset has a vintage color feel. It is primarily a light reddish color. It looks great on ANY photo. I hope you enjoy usin

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