Wow - looks like you really like Presetpond :)

Wow - looks like you really like Presetpond :)

Orange Dingy

Great for giving your image more edge and contrast, tones down the reds and ads an old finish with a hint of sepia tones and a

Dead Color Grain

This is a Black and White conversion with some exposure, contrast and curves tweaks. Also a vignette, slight color chroming and

Danville No.2

This is a contrasty B&W conversion with Curves tweak. It works for a really polished black and white, as well as a gritty o

Deeper Than Deep

When you take pictures, sometimes the photos are too flat and plain so I made this preset that will be able to quickly turn you

Light Bleach

this preset has some soft color reduction and some % more on definition. I often use this on portraits. it pops up the darks a


A preset created to give your photos a kinky green high contrast look, a bit with vintage feeling. Works best with outdoor pict

By for Aperture
How Now Brown Cow

A nice, warm sepia that retains plenty of contrast.


This preset gives images a high-contrast, vintage, film looking feel. It can really boost the color in everyday images and make

Contrast Vignette

This preset adds a moody contrast and vignette with slight darkening for dramatic colour images.

XAnalog Basic

Partially inspired by my Olympus XA2 film camera’s Zuiko lens, partially by Nick Campbell’s excellent Cross Process

Yeah – High Contrast

high contrast with a lot of reds. high key.

Contrast Pop!

Using a two layer sharpening technique, you can adjust both local and global contrast to fit the final look. At first glance, t


I designed this preset to give the photos a gritty aged look with subtle sepia tones. It has a fair amount of contrast and a lo

The “Dave Hill” Look

A preset that emulates the Dave Hill look using only Lightroom. There is a Photoshop plugin that does this, but now you can do

Hard Structures

‘Hard Structures’ is a preset to emphasized surface structures in your picture. It changes the highlights, shadows

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