Wow - looks like you really like Presetpond :)

Wow - looks like you really like Presetpond :)

Feather Soft

Preset for landscapes… softens, brightens and adds depth.

Summer Time

With this preset I wanted to create a summer look to pictures which aren’t like summer. Often you don’t have enough

Sharpening Presets

Sharpening is generally the last step in the post-processing workflow. These Lightroom presets will give subtle to dramatic sha

Danville No.2

This is a contrasty B&W conversion with Curves tweak. It works for a really polished black and white, as well as a gritty o

Deeper Than Deep

When you take pictures, sometimes the photos are too flat and plain so I made this preset that will be able to quickly turn you

Purple Haze

Simple light and dark purple split tone w/ slight vignette. Play around with the saturation and vibrance as well as balance sli

BDP Glamour Look Preset

A Glamour look preset I came up with – as with most it is not perfect for all applications. Brightens highlights and clea

Milky Noir LR

This preset is a remake of my Aperture preset “Milky Noir.” If you notice it is kinda brighter and the shadows are

By for Lightroom
Light Leak + Punch + Grain

This preset for Lightroom adds adjustable light leaks, punches up the colors and adds grain to a photo. By combining it with ot

By for Lightroom
Pseudo HDR

Add a HDR Look to your Images, fill the shadows and recover the highlights.

Black & White Processing

This preset add a high contrast too your pictures with a little grain.

Western Sepia

Sepia Preset I created for a few pictures of a old train. It has an old looking Western style and it is useful to other photos

Vintage Stone

Black ‘n White Preset I made for pictures of a Vienna Trip. Find more pictures on my flickr stream:

Dust Storm

Inspired by the Dust Storm in Sidney last year I made this preset for Lightroom. I only got a few images where it looks good &#


This preset was made to give your photos a simple vintage fade.

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