Wow - looks like you really like Presetpond :)

Wow - looks like you really like Presetpond :)

Old Polaroid

Emulates the look of old Polaroid images. Dulls down the saturation, dulls down highlights. Remember to set the white balance c


A warm, a bit vintage preset I made for some pictures of Venezia. Makes them look old and softly sharpened.

Old Old Old

This preset give a very old feel to your picture. Very similar to something from the mid 1900′s thats been threw the wash

Lomo Preset

If you love film and lomography then you adore this preset. This preset gives a dramatic retro look to the photos. Check it out

Vintage Old Midtone

Look like a Coffee!!

By for Aperture

This preset tries to simulates the Earlybird preset of instagram.

Old Polaroid

This preset simulates my father’s old polaroid films. Well, it’s not a perfect simulation but it’s really nea

Old Film in Latin America

This is a try to copy the style of analog taken pictures to the digital ones. I m trying to transport the atmosphere of latin a

Ancient Postcard

Makes the picture look like an old postcard with a strong yellowed touch and faded colors.


A single action to give photos an older worn look. A double strong vignette and a overall brown/tan look with somewhat strong r

Valley Light

A bit of a vintage style look with yellows and greens playing a bigger role then anything else.

Blown Glass

A overall yellow toned preset to give images a older yellowed look. There are multiple degrees of contrast in the pack.

Old Skool Toning

Add an old skool feel to any photo

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