Wow - looks like you really like Presetpond :)

Wow - looks like you really like Presetpond :)

Winter on the Farm

A setting I created after taking a series of shots at a local historical farm. It gives a wintery, cooling feel, with a slight


A simple preset that boost the colors with a bit o vignette. Ideal to take you out to the ball game.

By for Aperture
Tonal Cooling

Best used on daylight balanced outdoor images.

By for Aperture

This is a vintage-esque effect that adds some contrast whilst lightening thew photo and giving a yellow/reddish vintage tone wi


A preset created to give your photos a kinky green high contrast look, a bit with vintage feeling. Works best with outdoor pict

By for Aperture

This preset has a vintage color feel. It is primarily a light reddish color. It looks great on ANY photo. I hope you enjoy usin


With Caprai preset you can enhance color vibrancy, desaturate, contrast (levels), saturate cyan tones, vignette and recover som

Bright Tonal

This preset is great for portraits or outdoor pictures. It adds a lot of saturation and a nice vignette. It has strong contrast

Simple Vignette

This is an easy way to direct your viewer’s eye. By adding a controllable vignette, you can help soften distracting backg

Hong Kong – Pink Tones –

My favorite Aperture tool: The “free” RGB curves. The blue curve is shifted in the shadows and highlights to simula


This preset gives images a high-contrast, vintage, film looking feel. It can really boost the color in everyday images and make

Ancient Postcard

Makes the picture look like an old postcard with a strong yellowed touch and faded colors.

Contrast Vignette

This preset adds a moody contrast and vignette with slight darkening for dramatic colour images.

XAnalog Basic

Partially inspired by my Olympus XA2 film camera’s Zuiko lens, partially by Nick Campbell’s excellent Cross Process


Midnight is a preset I made that is inspired by “Vampire” movies. It will make people look very creepy and that coo

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