Wow - looks like you really like Presetpond :)

Wow - looks like you really like Presetpond :)

Somber Grain Set

This group of presets adds a creamy tone to the whites. Preserving most colors in the spectrum, a classic fresh film look is ad

New Life Preset

Newborns can be pretty challenging to process since their skin coloring and tone is far from even. This preset gives a great st

Light Warm Fade

It gives your photo a warm sunny fade or glow,

A.Rusky – Kowloon Warm Faded

Low contrast sot faded film look with warm tones. Inspired by the Kowloon area in Hong Kong Works in Lightroom 4. Good for stre

Honeyed Vintage

This preset for Apple’s Aperture has a warm, sun-bathed look for your portraits, landscapes, and still-lifes. It has a so

A.Rusky – Korean Tumblr

A.Rusky – Korean Tumblr (Soft Washed Out Warm Tones) A Lightroom 4 Preset based on the Korean Fashion blogs on Tumblr. Wa

Lauren’s Bouquet

I’ve seen a lot of bouquets, but the color of Lauren’s calla lilies were absolutely spectacular. I couldn’t g

Streets of Sheung Wan

Warm, Desaturated, High Contrast look


Desaturated but saving skin tones Brown Colors + a bit of blue Good for street portraits


Grungy, grainless look with contrast and warmth.

Retro Vintage Presets

A preset I created to make image more oldish…add a slight yellowish cast to the image

Warm Retro Look

A warm retro look, which looks nice on almost everykind of photo. Makes a yellowish/pinkish 70ies look. The action does not ful


Idea derived from a “300″ preset created by Jerad Hill, only this one changed quite a bit to try to add a bit of da

Fufu Berry

Fun and somewhat vintage like presets that color tone your images. There are 2 versions of each of the different color treatmen

Island Life

The idea behind this set is to mimic the different times during the day. It is influenced mostly by the look and feel of the da

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