Wow - looks like you really like Presetpond :)

Wow - looks like you really like Presetpond :)

Blue Amaro

I was playing around with getting the instagram filter “amaro” and i came up with this.

Kodak Tri-X 400TX

A preset that emulates the look of the classic Kodak Tri-X 400TX film. Reconstructed from the Tri-X film emulation found in Sil

Old Polaroid

Emulates the look of old Polaroid images. Dulls down the saturation, dulls down highlights. Remember to set the white balance c

Low Contrast B&W

This preset is a really dark black and white treatment, where the details in the dark areas are removed to make them appear mor

Thomas Leuthard Mono

This is a preset dedicated to Thomas Leuthard, a german street photographer that mainly do black and white photos. In his book,

Monochrome Log Lady

This is my popular preset “Log Lady” in a Mono version with a slight sepia tone added. This preset works well with


A warm, a bit vintage preset I made for some pictures of Venezia. Makes them look old and softly sharpened.

Old Old Old

This preset give a very old feel to your picture. Very similar to something from the mid 1900′s thats been threw the wash

Winter on the Farm

A setting I created after taking a series of shots at a local historical farm. It gives a wintery, cooling feel, with a slight

Sharp Black and White

Make sharp beautiful dramatic black and white photo.

Light Warm Fade

It gives your photo a warm sunny fade or glow,

High-Key, Antiqued

This preset for Aperture has that airy, high-key feel, with an anti-vignette around the edges for an early 20th Century vibe. H


Sunny yellow-tinted look for your photographs.

Vintage Aston Martin

Gives the image a golden vintage feel while preserving the blacks.

Log Lady

Named so after the character in Twin Peeks, because this preset was created to give a b&w shot of some logs a bit more life

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