Wow - looks like you really like Presetpond :)

Wow - looks like you really like Presetpond :)

No Idea How This Came About

I was messing about in Lightroom while developing some photos. Whatever I done I came up with a preset that really enhances the


Desnudos con desaturacion


I have to tried to do this preset.

Rockabilly Vintage

I use this preset often when I want a classic view with a Rock ‘n’ Roll feel I hope i succeeded

By for Lightroom
FOTO24 – Film Look B&W

This is one of my personal favourites and it is a Preset that I use for much of my Portrait, Wedding and Street Photography wor

Feather Soft

Preset for landscapes… softens, brightens and adds depth.

Early Edition Filmography

Finally created a perfect preset to give a lifestyle film quality look that I personally love to use. I hate to keep them all t

Somber Grain Set

This group of presets adds a creamy tone to the whites. Preserving most colors in the spectrum, a classic fresh film look is ad

New Life Preset

Newborns can be pretty challenging to process since their skin coloring and tone is far from even. This preset gives a great st

Sweet Sunshine

I am such a fan of presets that bring on the sun in a wonderful and even way. This one is no different. For me the sunny preset

Rollercoaster Report

The perfect addition to add strawberry sunshine in a clean and fresh way to your photos. Created to help tell the story of your

Ryder Bulletin

Created to bring on the sunshine on every picture. Also designed to help manage pictures that look like they might slightly be

Dust Finder

Dust finder let you better see the sensor spots in your picture. Run the preset before every other adjustment. Adjust exposure

Summer Time

With this preset I wanted to create a summer look to pictures which aren’t like summer. Often you don’t have enough


I was looking for a Polaroid preset on here, but couldn’t find anything for Lightroom. I’ve tried to model this on

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