Wow - looks like you really like Presetpond :)

Wow - looks like you really like Presetpond :)

Film Emulations EX1-10

These are presets that are made to somewhat copy the look of film. The adjust the curves of the picture as well as the colorati

By for Lightroom
Sharpening Presets

Sharpening is generally the last step in the post-processing workflow. These Lightroom presets will give subtle to dramatic sha

Soft Colours

2 soft lightroom 4 presets, images are not my own they are from

A.Rusky – Kowloon Warm Faded

Low contrast sot faded film look with warm tones. Inspired by the Kowloon area in Hong Kong Works in Lightroom 4. Good for stre

Lisa’s Blueberry Pie Preset

This preset was created to give the picture a cute and soft “blueberry pie”-look. It tones the picture into orange

By for Lightroom
A.Rusky – Korean Tumblr

A.Rusky – Korean Tumblr (Soft Washed Out Warm Tones) A Lightroom 4 Preset based on the Korean Fashion blogs on Tumblr. Wa

Big Chill Preset for Dark Winter (L

I created this preset to sort of heighten the idea of winter and push it into being more surreal with high contrast and brightn

Winter Beauty

presets that give the feeling of winter…

Lomo Preset

If you love film and lomography then you adore this preset. This preset gives a dramatic retro look to the photos. Check it out

Danville No.2

This is a contrasty B&W conversion with Curves tweak. It works for a really polished black and white, as well as a gritty o

Sunnylight Polarized

This preset for daylight shots with polarized filter. Enchance the sky but not destruct skin color.

By for Lightroom
Deeper Than Deep

When you take pictures, sometimes the photos are too flat and plain so I made this preset that will be able to quickly turn you

Soft Tones Dreamy (for LR4)

This is based on my previous preset “Soft Tones Dreamy” I made for Aperture. Since many of you have asked for a Lig

Kristina With a K

This is the perfect “golden light” portrait preset. Boosts greens & yellows. Best for spring/summer during suns

Is This Te One?

I really love the fresh and light skintones you see in pictures on the various weddingsites and -weblogs. Most of the presets a

By for Lightroom
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