Wow - looks like you really like Presetpond :)

Wow - looks like you really like Presetpond :)

Sharp Washed

Preset for made images with sharp details and washed fashion style with a tendency in the green

By for Lightroom
Dust Storm

Inspired by the Dust Storm in Sidney last year I made this preset for Lightroom. I only got a few images where it looks good &#

Pencil Drawing

This template converts photos to a high contrast black and white reminiscent of a block print or a pencil drawing. Works well o

Quick’N Beauty 1-3

Three versions of a preset to be used as a starting point of further beauty retouching with photoshop or to get a quick result.

Vintage Portrait

desaturated and clearity enhancend preset for portrait shootings, with vignette

Mad Dash

This is a derivative of a ’300′ preset that I downloaded a long time ago. It provides a contrast-rich, desaturated

Old Skool Toning

Add an old skool feel to any photo

Sin City Look

A preset to bring out that red color in your shots.

Vintage Wedding

A preset to give your shots that vintage look. Increased contrast, vibrance and brightness.

Rockwell Warm

Give your image that edgy urban surreal look that is so popular these days.

By for Lightroom
Copper Tone Skin

Don’t have cobber tone skin? Just fake it with this awesome Lightroom preset.

Desaturate Me

There are some pretty dramatic effects going on here, so use with caution. It can however create some great effects on the righ


This preset was made to give your photos a simple vintage fade.

Vintage Warm

This preset was made to give your photos a warm vintage tone.

Vintage Cool

This preset was created to give your photos a vintage tone that is a little cool and faded.

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